The Fear of all Blogs

The scariest part of a blog is when the creators update frequency slowly deteriorates. 

They start their blog out like an eager child; blog post every day, or at least once a week. But as the work piles up and their personal life gets in the way, it slowly becomes once a month... maybe once a year? Then at some point, it dies.

There exist too many "dead" blogs on the interwebz. That of which haven't been updated in years and it's quite a depressing fact for someone who has just started his first blog. I always ask my self, what happened?  

Did the blogger not have enough traffic? Did the blogger not care enough to spread their message to the world? Was the blogger so boring, they had nothing to talk about? Was it too much work for one to do without enough reward? Did the author get abducted by aliens and never seen again? Did the author randomly get amnesia and forget their username & pwd? 

The fear is definitely there, but I will not be overcome. True my last blog post was 2 weeks ago but I do currently have 3 blog posts in my queue. The thing which might surprise you as it did to me is the sheer amount of work and effort that goes into one of these bad boys. They take quite the time to do in terms of the adequate research and editing. If it were easy though, everyone would do it. 

Last thing before I sign off ... How Ironic would it be if this were my last blog post?