Top 5

I've always liked the notion of quantifying quality - both in my professional life and in my personal life. With regards to my personal life, I'm starting a new segment - TOP 5. 

With Top 5 I wanted to do something different than what I normally do. I am going to make it a live page - meaning I will constantly be adding/refining the page to have more details and different content. It will follow a more agile approach vs the approach I usually follow of fully completing a post, editing and than publishing. 

My aim is to hit a plethora of different topics - starting with media. After I've defined my top tier lists - I will define metrics for each list and finally make a final ranking. I hope to cover many verticals and topics. 

Eventually - I hope to add user submissions + rankings in the mix to see what the internet's opinions on things are. 

Ultimately, I think the top 5 list will be a great expression of my personality. It will better illustrate who I am and what has defined me in my life.