Who: Myself & Spike
What: My First House
Where: Hamilton
When: June 06/2017

I am on the conquest to automate as many aspects of my life and create an efficient & ergonomic experience.

As an engineer by trade, I feel the aspect of having a well thought-out and thorough design will help create an experience which will save me time, keep me safe and will ultimately let me put my energy into other projects. 



Enter Project !AH HA! - !Automate House Home Automated! - A Palindrome to remind me of every coding & algorithm class ever. 

Phases for Project !AH HA!:

  1. Design Phase
    1. Map out entire house
    2. Segment house out into logical groupings
      1. Cost
      2. Timeline to finish
      3. Personal Utility gain 
    3. Model plans & phases
  2. Review Phase
    1. Review feasibility via analysis of time & money.
  3. Execution Phase
    1. Execute based on order and define timeline for entire project
  4. Review & Lessons Learnt


No doubt this project will take many years to complete. Having a well thought out plan will hopefully prove to be beneficial and create an out of this world home which is controlled by IOT devices.