If you’re not growing - then you’re dying.

It was my most auspicious year & it was my most stressful year.
It was the year I got to do an oversea’s gig & the year I put myself in uncomfortable situations.
It was the year I got promoted & the year I was given a lot of responsibility that I’m still adapting to.
It was the year I didn’t hit even half the goals I initially set & the year I learned that it’s okay for your goals to change.
It was the year of 4 engagements, 3 weddings & the year of leaving things in the past.
It was the year of personal struggles & the year I learned how special my inner circle truly is.
It was the year of self reflection & the year where my black/white clarity turned fluid.
It was a year of growth, even though uncomfortable at times & it was the year that I am most proud of.

Here’s to leaving all that bullshit in the past & having the most successful 2019 - Cheers.