Internet, meet Spike!


Breed: Mix of Australian Cattle Dog & Border Collie
Date of Birth: January 6, 2016
Date of Pick Up: Feb 26, 2016
Name: Spike Spiegel Space Cowboy
Likes: Food & Toys
Dislikes: Leashes & Letting me sleep


Before even getting a dog, I felt it was necessary to do an allergy test to make sure I would not have any issues with a dog. With that, I found out I am allergic to cats & dust mites but not dogs!

After finding out the good news, I started to do some research on what kind of dogs would be suitable for me. Ultimately, I wanted a dog who would be smart and athletic but would also be able to come hiking and camping with me. The Border Collie turned out to be the most optimal breed as it is highly intelligent but also would be a handful throughout its life. I looked around and found Spike who was being raised at a Horse farm.