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Bruce Peninsula - Campsite

Location: Bruce Peninsula
Equipment: Large Tent
Party Size: 4
Price: $60

Currently Attending:

  1. Saanjeith Varathan
  2. Gelo Velasco 

Alcohol ban 10 pm - 7 am.
Site Type:Campsite
Sub-Category: Nightly
Service Type: Unserviced with on-site Fire Pit
Allowed Equipment: Large Tent
Maximum Party: 6 people
Site Length: 9m / 30ft
Site Width: 9m / 30ft
Ground Cover: Gravel
Campsite Slope: Flat
Overhead Clearance: 4.5m / 15ft
Firepit: Yes
Picnic Table: 2
Other Allowed Equipment: 3 tents
Maximum Vehicles: 2 vehicles per site (1st Vehicle Permit included with campsite fee). 
Wi-fi: No
Site Shade: Partly
Privacy: Good

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to Jun 12

Bruce Peninsula - Backcountry

Location: Bruce Peninsula
Access Point: Bruce Peninsula
Equipment: 2 Tents
Service Type: Backcountry
Firepit: No
Party Size: 4
Price: $100

Currently Attending:

  1. Saanjeith Varathan
  2. Matthew D'Angelo
  3. Andrew Doubelt
  4. Ervin Mamitag
  5. Justin Kowalczyk 

1st Night: High Dump - HD1
2nd Night: Storm haven - SH6

Parking --> High Dump(~10 km)
High Dump --> Storm Haven(~10 km)
Storm Haven --> Grotto (~5 km)
Grotto --> Storm Haven (~5 km)
Storm Haven --> Parking (~20 km)
Total KM for weekend: 50 km


  • Alcohol ban 10 pm - 7 am. 
  • Food Storage - Bear Poles centrally located over 200 m / 656 ft from campsite. Steep descent to get to tent pad
  • Each campground has 9 campsites equipped with a wood tent - Require use of free standing tent.
  • There is a shared composting toilet.
  • Bring a cook stove. No open fires allowed.
  • Pack out your garbage.
  • Hang food and all scented items on poles to deter bears.
  • Wash with biodegradable soap 30m back from the shoreline
  • Drinking water is not available. Carry your water in or be prepared to filter or boil bay water for drinking.
  • Be careful hiking; this section of Bruce Trail is rugged and slow-going. Rocks are very slippery when wet.

BP Grotto

BP Grotto

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