Project !AH HA!
 !Automate House Home Automated!


Planning phase. Once I've decided on what makes sense and what is ergonomic I am going to set dates/plans sectionally for my property and decide what makes sense in terms of an order.

Phase 1 - Design

Ideas for automation


  1. Mailbox
    1. Camera inside
    2. Sensor to tell opened/closed
  2. Entry onto property
    1. Proximity Sensor
      1. Take picture when sensor tripped?
      2. How many people come to my house in a week? 
    2. Cameras
  3. Swimming Pool
    1. Chemical Levels
      1. Reminder + automation of cleaning?
    2. Solar Heat
    3. Level of Water
  4. Grass
    1. Sprinkler System
      1. Not plausible with Cistern --> must look into capturing rain water for this task.
  5. Temperature
    1. Barometer, etc. (To feed Indoor automation(clothes to wear))
  6. Fire PIts
    1. Is it lit? 
  7. Cistern
    1. What's the level of water atm?
  8. Propane
    1. Whats the level of Propane atm?
  9. Septic
    1. How full is the septic bed?
  10. Recycling/Garbage
    1. What time do I put it out and what time do they come?
      1. Motion Sensor on lip of bin.
    2. Waste Consumption
      1. What weeks have the heaviest garbage?
  11. Materials
    1. What do I need to measure in terms of resources - length of grass, etc. 
  12. Sprinkler System
    1. I need to get a sprinkler system as I installed them for a couple of summers. I just need to figure out an appropriate water source. 



  1. Lights
    1. I purchased the Phillip Hues Starter Kit(A19 Ambience) and have started to tinker with it
    2. Purchased Two Phillip Hues - Non Ambience