Hyper Threading: A feature unique to a subset of Intel Microprocessors. Intel made it so that one of their processors can have two independent process' running within it to emulate parallelism. Basically, it has the ability to have run concurrent code on one processor - or run 2*N the amount of instructions in parallel on a processor where N is the amount of processors which have the Hyper Threading feature enabled.

Find the most disk usage within Windows and Linux:

  1. Windows:
    1. WinDirStat was the program I was referring toScreenshot on the right
    2. Perfmon - Windows internal Resource monitor
  2. Linux:
    1. find / -xdev -type f -size +100M
      1. here it will look in the current directory for a file with size of greater than 100 MBs
    2. s -lah
      1. -Where l gives you all the info
      2. -a gives you all data
      3. -h makes it human readable

Bash script:

  1. Starts with #! /bin/sh 
    1. #! tells what executable to use in this case it being /bin/sh (shell script) 

Find out which Ports are in use:

  1. Windows
    1.   netstat -a -b
      1. Where -a displays all connections and ports and -b displays the executable that created said connection
    2. Perfmon - view Network tab
  2. Linux
    1.  netstat -lptu
      1. Where -l = listening ports, -p = Program that is using it, -tu = tcp & udp packets
    2. My iptables response was incorrect as it is just specifying the firewall rules which have been enabled. You can enable a range of ports so it would not suffice. 

IOPS & Raid: Found a nifty calculator online.. this is something that is fairly new to me and I'm doing some more reading into this concept.  

Regex: Website I use for my Regex troubles. Regexr.com