Hello world, I'm Sanj (Sand with a J) & I am a technical consultant working for a big data company. I specialize in bridging the gap between the business & the technical.
Obsessive to hustle harder & outwork anything/anybody. I believe the most important trait of a human being is Integrity - my word is my bond.
Working on automating as many functions within my house, I have been strength training for 8+ years, I'm the owner of a crazy 1/2 collie 1/2 heeler dogSpike, I love backcountry hiking, I love technology,  I love....

Grit - an individual's passion for a particular long-term goal or end state, coupled with a powerful Motivation to achieve their respective objective


2016 - Present

  • Big Data & Analytics Consultant
  • Deploying Distributed Solutions
  • Regex & Log Ninja

2014 - April 2016

  • Application Performance Management
  • Effective Monitoring of Critical Apps
  • Profile & Predict Performance issues

May - Oct 2014

  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • Real User Application Monitoring
  • Data Center Real User Monitoring

Technical Skills

Education | Certifications

Network |  HTTP, HTTPS
Database | MS,Oracle
Apache / Tomcat / IIS
Big Data & Cloud
Java & .NET

Infrastructure Monitors
Software Architecture
Agile Methodologies
Synthetic Monitoring
Business Analysis
Custom Scripting
System Analysis

Splunk Consultant I & II                                2016- Present
Splunk Certified Architect                            2016- Present
Google Analytics Certification                      2015 - 2016
Google Adwords Certification                      2015 - 2016
Dynatrace Professional App Mon            2015 - Present
Dynatrace Associate DC RUM                   2015 - Present
Dynatrace Associate Synthetic                 2015 - Present
Dynatrace APM Associate                         2014 - Present
McMaster University | B.Eng                        2010-2014


Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Electronic's R&D, Utility, Software, Mining & Natural Resources.