Perform 2015


This past week, I was granted with an excellent opportunity that I will never forget. My company - Dynatrace being a performance company, hosted a 3 and a half day long conference in Orlando, Florida - The Perform conference.

During my time at the conference, I was able to network and learn many crucial & beneficial concepts which I will leverage and utilize in the future. Some quick highlights during my stay:

  • Being able to host the Digital Experience Center and helping customers see their future vision with Digital Performance in mind - I make a quick appearance here
  • Hearing about the new Ruxit Managed offering! 
  • Hearing some phenomenal keynote speakers: Ray Wang & Daniel Burrus 
  • Being on the PerfByes Podcast - Can be heard here (~81:00 - 87:00) 
  • Meeting so many wonderful Customers & Partners and understanding what they truly desired out of Digital Performance Management
  • Being able to put a face to the name of many intelligent people and bond with them on a personal level 

But the most important thing I learned this week, is how to cheer like an Austrian! Prosit! Prost! Zum Wohl!