A Neck Tie & Funky Socks


Fashion & Corporate IT? It seems as though they would never come together. Working in an enterprise environment usually entails working in a "business casual" environment. Even so, I show up to work everyday with a colorful tie and a pair of vibrant socks. To say I stick out would be an understatement. Good. 

Before I address this, let's dissect the ideology of why there is even a desire for professional workwear.

  1. Credibility:  When doing a service for clients, there needs to be assurance that the professional on the other side is who they say they are and they can do what they say they can do. If a client is willing to shell out the big bucks for your service, they want to see someone who gains the big bucks from multiple sources and in doing so spends a portion of that on their appearance. 

    If you were going to buy a 500,000 dollar contract and two sales men approached you, who would you talk to first?
    • One with a untrimmed beard, a hole in their ketchup stained shirt and wearing khaki shorts
    • The other a clean-cut individual with a suit and tie 
  2. Success: Success is an interesting topic as the definition is different to each person. However, every successful person will tell you that you must be successful in all aspects of your life. You must embody that notion, and with that you got to dress the part. Dressing for success proves to add some confidence and provide some "pep in your step". 

This might prove to explain the Neck Tie but what about the Funky Socks? 

The truth of the matter is I am a consultant. As a consultant I engage in short, impacting engagements which should prove to be memorable. Key word: Memorable.

The neck tie & the funky socks prove to be my calling card. I welcome when people raise a brow at me and ask the question, "Why is he wearing blue and red polka dot socks?" or "Who is that?" because along with my name there is a visual representation of me imprinted in my clients' minds. 

During my first week at Bell Canada I was in charge of a presentation which was presented to senior management. Of course, I wore a suit, a neck tie and a pair of funky socks. As I started my presentation, there were a couple of jabs and comments on my dress wear. During the next couple of days, I was recognized and there was no hesitation to approach me. Mission Accomplished