Google Analytics & Google Adwords

I have just completed my certification for Google Analytics and Google Adwords, which was a quest that I embarked on roughly two months ago. As I have finally completed both, I would like to put forth a personal suggestion; If you are on the consulting or IT side of things - these are two valuable certifications to have. 

First a warning of caution: These certifications aren't going to guarantee you an amazing job like some other sought out certifications. What they will provide however, is an excellent background into how one of the most important things on the internet function's and think's; that being Google Ads.

Looking at the two certifications and what they provide:

  1. Google AdWords -  This certification proves that you understand the basic of Google's primary source of income; Ad's. To achieve this certification you must complete 2/5 certification available - one of them having to be AdWords fundamentals. I personally completed the AdWords Fundamentals and the Video advertising initially to get the certification but am currently working towards the remaining three. The five available are:
    1. AdWords Fundamentals - *Must complete this one
    2. Search Advertising
    3. Display Advertising 
    4. Video Advertising - *The other one I choose for the requirement 
    5. Shopping Advertising 
  2. Google Analytics - Google provides an analytic's tool which is widely used across the web. This certification proves your understanding of the tool but also proves your understanding of analytic's theories' and methodologies'. Interestingly enough, I am not an avid user of Google Analytics but I did see the striking similarities in the concepts and in the reports within the tools that I utilize on a daily basis. To complete the Google Anlaytics Certification, you only need to complete the one certification exam - but be aware that there exists a lot of material for this one exam.

After my quest has been said and done, I am far more enlightened to how Google generates their revenue and on their interesting Auction system works. Now, you must be wondering; how much does an exam like this cost and is it worth the time?

That's the kicker. It's absolutely free and is a beneficial certification to have; it demonstrates knowledge of SEO, Google, Analysis, and how all these massive topics intertwine with each other.