Word is Bond.

Integrity - a dying attribute which is becoming a rarity. The most important aspect of an individual is their integrity - not their money, not their looks, not their followers, not their friends and family, None of that. Anyone can have all their money taken away, all their friends & family taken away, have all the pain in the world inflicted upon them but they ultimately can only keep true to one thing - their word.



Word is bond. A phrase popularized by 90s hip hop which is ebonics for "my word is my bond". Everyday I try to reflect and live by these 3 simple words. It seems so simple and easy - if I say something I'm going to do it - where is the complexity in that? The complexity lies in the other attributes needed to be truly integral and the hard work which comes with striving to be an integral entity.

Punctuality - If you say you're going to be somewhere at some point in time - you better be there at that time. To be punctual you have to be able to Estimate & Plan accordingly with all factors considered - a Holistic approach of things. There needs to be an understanding of all the small moving parts and how they make up a bigger system as a whole. There needs to be long term goals set and achieved vs. having short term happiness and consequently bitching and screaming life isn't fair. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the sake of integrity - and that's the beauty of it. It isn't easy and it shouldn't be. There has to be Drive to be like this, to have everything you say be treated as gospel - you have to strive to be a person who has a sense of Realism and true Authenticity surrounding them. An infectious aura which cannot be imitated



With a society of an ever connected world where there are facades to get one more like on that Instagram post, where there are often complaints without any effort to justify, where we're constantly fed that it's better to be happy in the now and shouldn't worry about the future, where it's so easy to say yes via any medium and just as easy to cancel - there will just be a continued declination of those with true integrity. It's agnostic - an integral person will always have there word as there bond regardless if it's a friend or an enemy & I think that in itself is what makes it powerful and what also makes it difficult.



Integrity doesn't always work in your favor and will sometimes make your life harder - but you can't emulate an individual who says something and will obsessively strive to make it materialize. It breeds success and individuals you can depend on and that's what I want more in this world than anything. Word is bond.